First, I absolutely appreciate your time and interest in my murals. Whether you are just “kicking the tires”, or are ready to “pull the trigger”, I want to provide you with how I approach my pricing so you can plan accordingly. I encourage you to send me any questions you may have along the way.

General Pricing

Mural costs vary based on many factors:
Quality of material products used (acrylic latex paints, clear coats, wall condition, preparation, primers, sealers, etc.)

Equipment required (scaffolding, hydraulic lift, masking, materials, etc.)

Design complexity (level of detail, number of colors, design stylization, the overall size of the mural, etc.)

Design process (provide design consultation, sketches, colorization, and paint sampling)

I provide an initial meeting (via phone, Facebook Messenger, or in person within 25 miles of Renton, WA), to make introductions, and seek confirmation of the scope, size, and concept of your desired mural.

Moving forward, the design of the mural requires a “design deposit” of $300. The design is generally communicated through scaled images proportionate to the wall(s) to be painted.

The design deposit covers a scaled mockup and up to two additional revisions. Changes can be made to the sketches, but an additional design fee of $50 per sketch may be required. The design sketch(es) deposit is non-refundable but, will be credited towards the costs of the mural after the client approves the design.

My mural price point ranges between $18.00 - $25.00 per square foot of surface painted with a minimum of $750.00 unless otherwise agreed upon.

This cost includes insurance, materials, design, labor, and equipment for painting the mural. This cost does not include general wall repair and preparation (i.e., cleaning, masonry repair, wall prime coat, and anti-graffiti coating) These are considered added expenses.

Unless specified, I use high-quality acrylic latex interior and exterior paint products.

I require a materials deposit of 1/3 to 1/2 of the total cost of the mural within 2 weeks of the agreed starting date of the mural. This is used to cover the costs of purchasing necessary supplies and rental equipment.

Wall Preparation 
A mural’s longevity depends on the quality of the surface it is painted on. I recommend the exterior walls be power washed a whole week prior to priming to allow proper dry time. Masonry primer/sealer is recommended for brick or cement walls that have not previously been painted. I charge $1.00 / square foot, plus materials at market cost.


The cost of your mural can be determined after we’ve confirmed the size, complexity of design, and
condition of the wall(s) to be painted. All design fees and the deposit will be credited to the overall cost of the mural. The balance is due upon completion of the work.

I value your interest and look forward to creating something specially designed for you.

All my best,
Rick Moreno – Wow Murals
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